What is NALS?

National Aspiration and Leadership Summit (NALS) is an inspiring event which sets a platform for Malaysian student leaders nationwide and also those abroad to converge, learn and interact in dialogue sessions with prominent leaders, public figures, and youth leaders across Malaysia on their valuable ideas, experiences and aspirations on the future of our nation. Listen to what they want to say and judge with your own instinct for a betterment of our country.

Nals Movement

Nals Symposium

Nals Networking

Nals Debate

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How to purchase the ticket?

a) Click on 'Get Tickets' button
b) Choose two tickets. Please ensure you only purchase ONE ticket from Session 1 (Cluster A, B, C and D) and ONE ticket from Session 2 (Cluster E, F, G, H and I). ** You can only purchase two tickets maximum per person. In the case of two or more transactions under the same name, only the first transaction will be considered valid.
c) Click on 'Save to Cart' Button.
d) Tick 'All the attendees will have same preferences' and click on 'All attendees' to fill up the registration form
e) Click 'Next' and 'Continue' button, then press 'next step' button
f) Fill in your email and click 'Checkout' button
g) You will receive your tickets in your email inbox shortly after.

2) What is your cancellation policy?

The system has set you to buy a maximum of 2 tickets. If you purchase two tickets of the same cluster or different clusters of the same session, your tickets will automatically be considered void and invalid. If you want to cancel your tickets, kindly contact NALS 2018 person in charge to do so. We will cancel your tickets manually and open it to other participants.

3) What is your exchange policy?

The tickets purchased cannot be changed for a different cluster after checkout. Hence, please research and make a sound decision of the clusters you are interested to attend before purchasing the tickets. Tickets cannot be changed between two individuals. Participants will be required to provide identification during registration to ensure it corresponds to the name list. For instances where you cannot attend and would like to send a person on your behalf, kindly contact the person in charge to inform us of the changes.

4) How do i contact presenter?
-     Email: nals2018ortest@gmail.com
-     Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/NALSMY/
-     Twitter: https://twitter.com/NALSMY
-     Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nalsmy/
-     Website: http://nalsmalaysia.my
-     Phone: +6019-3652355 (Izzy)

5) How long will the event be?

It will be a full-day event from 8.30am - 7.30pm. Registration starts at 7:15am. Networking session will start at 8.30pm.

6) Who can apply?

Youths from 17 to 30 years old.

7) I just want to attend one session. Is that possible to do without registering for the conference?

Unfortunately, no. Registered participants must commit to two sessions (full-day) event.

8) I am already working; can I still attend NALS 2018?

Yes. All youths aged 17 to 30 are welcomed to NALS 2018.

9) Can I not send in my CV to purchase my ticket?

Registration will only be considered complete if an updated resume or CV is submitted. NALS 2018 will not entertain any incomplete application. Your ticket will be considered void and invalid.

10) Are graduates eligible to attend?

Yes. All youths aged 17 to 30 are encouraged to join us!

11) What is the dress code on the day?

The dress code is business formal. Strictly NO jeans, t-shirt, slippers or flip-flops allowed.

12) What should I do if I lost my ticket? Can I still register on 4th February 2018?

Yes, just present your IC at the registration counter. We would encourage you to keep a copy of your e-ticket in your phone for ease of access.

13) Will I get a ticket?

Yes. E-tickets will be sent to your personal emails after purchase. You may print the tickets, or present the e-tickets at the registration counters.

14) Will I receive certificate of attendance?

Certificate of participation will be given once participants have attended both morning and evening sessions.

15) How much does it cost to attend NALS 2018?

No fees are required.

16) What do I do on the event day?
a) Make your way to PWTC and arrive by 7:20am. Do not forget your tickets!
b) Queue up at the online participants registration counter according to your morning cluster (A, B, C, D). Please refer to NALS "KNOW HOWS" for more information.
c) Present your tickets or e-tickets to register.
d) Receive your tags and you are good to go!
*It is advisable for you to register using computer or laptop as you have to upload your CV.


1. Morning (10:30 AM - 12.30 PM)

Cluster A: Employability - Expectations vs. Reality

Pic: The Malay Mail

Hasn’t this been a hot topic lately? Now we’ll give you guys a platform to talk about it.
Let’s discuss basic skills for fresh graduates, salaries, work attitudes, and how to market oneself.

Cluster B: The Refugee Crisis - A Call for Unity

(Pic: IBTimes UK)

Discrimination against the Rohingya has compelled them to seek safety in countries such as Malaysia.
We’ll discuss how our country should deal with the refugees (e.g. rights, health and accommodation).

Cluster C: Interfaith Dialogue vs Intercultural Competence: Social Impact in Malaysia

Pic: Herald Malaysia

A discussion on how Malaysians can strive achieve harmony despite our cultural and religious differences. Let’s celebrate diversity and respect one another.

Cluster D: Sex Education - Where Do We Stand?

Pic: MIMS Msia

Adequate understanding about the traditionally taboo topic of sex can lead to a world with less sexual assault, teen pregnancy, spread of STDs.
How should sex ed be conducted? Voice out your opinions at #NALS2018!

2. Evening (2.30 PM - 4.30 PM)

Cluster E: Youth in Politics - A Democratic Engagement

Today, the youth are getting more active when it comes to political involvement.
Let’s learn more on how we can contribute positive changes to the nation and its development through politics

Cluster F: Sustainable and Clean Energy in Malaysia - Should it be Nuclear?

Pic: European Commission

Malaysia aims to extend the life of domestic non-renewable energy resources, as well as diversification from oil. What are our other options for clean energy? #SaveThePlanet

Cluster G: The Mainstream Media and You - Challenging Realities

Pic: The Rocket

Media plays a vital role in influencing young minds. Share your views on improving Malaysian broadcasting, journalism, advertising and film industries in order to shape a progressive nation at #NALS2018

Cluster H: Mental Illness - The Invisible Killer

Mental health shouldn't be taken lightly or made fun of, when it has the potential to take lives when left untreated. You wouldn't tell someone with diabetes to 'just get over it'. Let's converse about it!

Cluster I: The Role of Youth in Local Economic Development

Pic: The Malaysian Times

Youths play an important role as they are capable to give back to our economy, whether by pursuing entrepreneurship, consuming goods or entering the labour force. Let's explore more at #NALS2018



Muhammad Alif Ajis

Ahmad Muzammil Idris


Wan Nur Akhtiqah Bt Ahmad Bustamam

Shafira Dato Hasny

Speakers Management

Ashvinder Singh Gill, HOD

Mohammad Khairil Ikhwan Bin Anuar, CE

Wan Nur Fatihah Wan Faris, Internal

Nur Adina Ammyza Muhamad Yuswadi

Muhammad 'Arif Bin Khairul 'Azmi

Muhammad Syafiq Sajari

Muizzudin Schanni Feizal Maurice Feizal

Nor Azmi Abd Rahmani

Muhammad Arif bin Muhammad

Sharmin Sivaraman

Nurul Najwa Mohamad

Amirah Nadiah Muhamad Nadzir

Syed Kabir Mohan

Nor Atika Roslan

Nur Ain Syafiqah Abdul Halim

Muhammad Hilmi Mustapha

Daraniswaran Thiagarajan

Ahmad Afiq Mohd Murad

Muhammad Afiq Yuzaidey

Think Tank

Maisara Aziz, HOD

Muhammad Zhafran bin Ahmad Dirsan, CE

Maymun Nalubega Rozanita Naziwa, Secretary

Azwan Bin Awalludin

Alyssa Batrisyia Bt Zainal Abidin

Ahmad ikhram bin Roslan

Eka Natasha Muhamad Fanashim Benson

Gabriel Gunasegaran

Ezekiel Yap Xi Jie

Muhammad Fikri Ashraf bin Abdullah Hasin

Public Relations

Dayang Umira Athira Fatini Binti Abang Haji Mustapha, HOD

Aliah Hisham

Wan Nur Dania Wan Muhmad Rizuan

Syaira Maisara Shahrul Azizi

Farisha Rachmy Aulina

Shahrul Hafiz Bin Rohmat

Muhammad Hafez Firdaus Bin Abdul Majid

Muhammad Naim B. Muhamad Ali

Sayyidi Ariffin Bin Abdullah

Syahiran Ahmad Rashidi

Muhammad Arif Bin Mohd Radzi

Puteri Noor Balkish binti Muhriz

Arifah Husna binti Badlishah

Uthraa Iyer

Nur Zati Fatanah Bt Zulkefly

Operations and Logistics

Muhammad Mirza Ayman Tengku Arfani, HOD

Noor Aishah Zaharah Mohamed Zakhir

Akid Naim bin Khalid

Nur Amalina Ahmad

Wan Noor Athirah binti Wan Idris

Muhammad Fadhil Helmi bin Mohd Ishak

Mohamad Faizal bin Mohamad Fauzi

Muhammad Fadhil Helmi bin Mohd Ishak

Mohamad Faizal bin Mohamad Fauzi

Muhammad Nurhakim bin Abdul Halim

Syazwani Amanina binti Shakyean

Human Resources

Shafira Dato Hasny, HOD

Amalia Nabilla Azman

Nor Aswani binti Aziz

Azwar Fahmi Ahmad Basri

Harith Rushdi Rosmawardi

Lum Ja Son


Muhamad Haffiz B Mohamed Hanifa

Muhammad 'Afi Bin Ahmad Razak

Noor Nadhihah Binti Jaafar

Nurul Sabihah binti Mohamad Rusman

Shazrul Bin Samin

Izzaty Shaima binti Shamsudin

External Affairs

Nurhasnita Binti Hamzah

Azreen Azirinee Azizi

Faten Nurul Amira Bt Awang Kechik

Nur Hidayah Binti Mohd Assabri

Jacqueline Hannah Albert

Meor Ahmad Naufal Zikri Bin Meor Abd Aziz

Khairul Shahyidi

Mikhail Hasanuddin

Mohd Syafiq Bin Abd Aziz

Naimah Ahmad Sazaki

Nik Hazim

Nureen Nabila Binti Ariff Nazir


Putra Ammar Qayyim Bin Zulaadi

Ramizah Binti Razali

Shafikry Bin Saad

Mohamad Shazrul Hafiz Suhaime

Siti Hajar Binti Zainal

Nur Suraya Binti Abd Wahab

Nurul Syasya Goh


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