NALS Cares visits Kepala Batas for Qurban

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NALS Cares 1.0 was invited by Datuk Seri Reezal Merican bin Naina Merican and Dato’ Azizan Che Omar to volunteer in the Majlis Korban Perdana Parlimen Kepala Batas on the second day of Aidiladha. “The Feast of Sacrifice” reflected the sacrifice made by each and everyone of us to give a hand and help out, making sure this event ran successfully as planned.

The NALS team – 14 people coming from different states all over Malaysia – gathered at Dewan Lahar Kepar, Kepala Batas on Tuesday, 13 November at about 8.00am to help the villagers with the Qurban. There were about 1000 people involved in the event, including women and kids, which was quite a big surprise since Qurban events are typically joined by male volunteers only. 40 cows were sacrificed to be distributed among the volunteers and other Kepala Batas residents. We helped to cut, slice, weigh and pack the meat, as well as prepare lunch for the volunteers. At the end of the event, the NALS team helped Datuk Seri and his wife to distribute the meat among the volunteers and residents. The event ended at 2.00 pm.

For some of us, we have never experienced participating in a Qurban fest before. Some of us may have participated at some other places, but it was definitely a different experience. Through this event, we got the chance to experience the spirit of gotong-royong through the cooperation of the local communities from Kepala Batas, which is new and refreshing for most youths nowadays. It was a totally new experience for us!


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