NALS Series Brisbane : Forum and Workshop

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NALS Series Brisbane was a space for discovery, elevating the full potential of Millennials.

The speakers invited for this event reflects NALS vision’s that works to inspire youth, to continuously fight for their passion. The speakers were: Anas Saifuddin, Muhammad Ali, and Shaikh Aslam. Anas Saifuddin was a former of; MASCA Media Director, MASA Deputy Head of Public Relation and KUABrisbane Deputy President. Right now, he is currently the founder of Sayap Arjuna. He gave many insights on the youth’s role in volunteering. Meanwhile, Muhammad Ali is famously known for his career, he had 17 years of experience in the public services. He shared many important reminders, particularly the importance of studying regardless of one age. Lastly, is Shaikh Aslam–the founder of Hikmahway Institute and Australian Muslim Youth Network. He discussed the role of youth in the world of politics, and how crucial is it to be aware of one surroundings.

Thus, the forum was very diverse. The discussion ranged from many issues like—the importance to start up your own initiatives, solving financial issues to even reflecting the power of youths on a holistic level.

The best part of the event was the group discussion where everyone had a chance to share their experiences and thoughts on how youth themselves, can personally contribute to society as an individual. Everyone agreed that the “power” of contributing does not necessarily have to be big, it could have been as simple as being there for a friend who was struggling with depression.

The event concluded with positive response, it was refreshing to know that everyone, no matter what age group, has something to offer.

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